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For companies and groups, we offer exciting teambuilding programs.

Outdoor programs

Multi functional terrain track

located approximately 1 kilometer from the town of Vílanec close to Jihlava. Parking directly at the track.


  • Driving quality 4x4 off-road quads through parts of motocross track
  • Driving special quality 4x4 off-road quads on special trial terrain track
  • Driving a Buggy for 2 persons on a track
  • Extreme rides through different types of terrain and off the track with the 4x4 off-road UTV along with an instructor who shows the way through the rough terrain while you drive
  • Driving Dredging using excavator JCB 4CX 4x4x4
  • Driving Caterpillar D4H XL Crawler Tractor
  • Trial drive with the tractor 4x4 in the terrain

Battle of the teams

In paintball or airsoft, airsoft guns shooting at targets, racing with models of RC buggy in a special circuit, modern car games with game consoles (steering wheel , pedals ) and displayed on plasma television.

Rope park in the ZOO Jihlava

A walk in the branches - swinging on a vine , climbing a rope ladder , crossing on rope lifts or climbing at least ten rope obstacles.

Indoor programs

Games and puzzles

  • unique opportunity to diversify corporate events
  • original entertainment that makes every event special

The program of solving puzzles can easily unite the team. Some games require team cooperation when seeking the solutions. Besides puzzles are available modern social board games, attractions such as optical magic, juggling school.

Program description: All puzzles are available to visitors for the solution (under the guidance of experienced instructors). It is about 200 mechanical puzzles which take up space of 3-4 larger tables in total length of 5 m.

  • Metal - blacksmith, wire , nail , and others
  • Japanese metal from the series Hanayama (difficulty level 1-6)
  • Classic hedgehog in a cage in a variety of designs , including the largest serial made hedgehog in a cage in the Czech Republic
  • Wood - including rarities and demos of great puzzles, brain teasers made of precious woods , Japanese inlaid secret boxes and more. The biggest puzzle in this set is a large wooden crystal
  • Plastic puzzles, zone of master Rubik with cubes from 2x2x2 to 7x7x7 and rotational puzzles NEW from the last season - almost unsolvable RUBIK 360!
  • Foam puzzles - Favorite Happy Cube
  • Trick puzzles - small micro magic
  • News largest exhibition games and puzzles in Nuremberg, including the expansion of Neocube - 216 of super strong magnets for the creativity of participants
  • Optical illusions, Newton's pendulum, intelligent plasticine and other interesting accessories that will delight everyone
  • Powerball - fun for adults, the opportunity to break the records (Powerballs are with a computer, which can monitor the current speed and best results)
  • Demonstration of ETERNITY II - if you manage to pass the main game, you get 2 million dollars. Hit of 2007 is back! it is realistic to assemble track 1 - say, in 12 minutes!

Mobile casino

  • Roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Texas Hold'em Poker
  • Poker School
  • The cubes
  • Baccarat

For these gambling games where you do not risk real money you can freely practice your intuition. With the feeling that you know which number comes next in moments and you can easily control the future.

Mobile betting office Mosaka

Mosaka is suitable for larger groups of guests. Bet on horse or on anything you want in our mobile betting office. Every 15-20 minutes thre is a horse race . The clatter of horses' hooves and unique atmosphere is transmitted via large-scale projection together with authentic and captivating voice of racing reporter. The main race of the evening is however in the end , with the best odds of winning. This thrilling race is " LIVE ".


New , full of action, playful and captivating fun ! It is not too complicated and it works. Guests are entertained and happy.

Car Wars

It is a thrilling duel between two toy cars, which have in the front two very sharp spikes and on the rear bumper inflatable balloon. The aim of the driver is to approach the target from behind and bang the balloon . Believe me, this fight is very attractive and always attracts great attention of people.


It is a race track, which looks simple, but racing in this circuit will entertain also an experienced driver. For more advanced drivers the track can be converted into an eight shape race track.

Mobile Airsoft shooting range

Precision, accuracy and composure your will exercise the best when shooting. And with us you do not need to have a firearms license!
No virtual environments and animated pigeons, in our mobile Airsoft Shooting range you can literally "dismember the target to the pieces“ with real bullets.
Guns have realistic design and weight and when shooting you feel that you are holding a real, proper weapon.There are short and long arms, semi and fully automatic arm at your disposal.
Mobile Airsoft Shooting range is an interesting and safe alternative for your company party, teambuilding, or private event. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors .
The whole area is fenced off with a protection net and fired plastic bullets are captured in the traps. Used ammunition therefore does not lie anywhere and there is no mess. Even when placed indoor the operation of the range is quiet and absolutely safe and surrounding area can be used for other activities. Mobile Airsoft Shooting range can be used to practice target shooting sport, or to organize a shooting competition with the evaluation and reward of the best shooters.

These and other programs are prepared in cooperation with authorized agencies.

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